Avoid These Three Janitorial Companies for a Hassle-Free Partnership

Choosing a janitorial company is akin to navigating the dating scene – there are good and bad options, and without caution, you might find yourself wanting to end the relationship. Can you predict whether your partnership with a cleaning contractor is destined for trouble? What are the warning signs, and which companies should you avoid?

There are three types of janitorial contractors that you should avoid to spare yourself the frustration of a breakup. When seeking potential bidders, consider excluding the following companies.

The “We don’t have any accounts like this” janitorial company:

Hiring a cleaning company without experience in handling a facility like yours is generally a mistake. This is particularly crucial if your building is more than a standard office space. Different facilities pose unique challenges, requiring a level of experiential knowledge. Whether it’s a medical, manufacturing, public venue, retail, or corporate office, each facility type comes with its own set of challenges. A janitorial company unprepared for these challenges may lead to a strained relationship.

The “We aren’t local” janitorial company:

The cleaning industry’s competitiveness often compels contractors to explore new ways to expand. While it’s positive when quality businesses enter new markets, some of these ventures lack local support. Local management is a pivotal element for a successful janitorial program. An out-of-town company lacking local management is likely to struggle in meeting your facility needs, potentially resulting in a failed relationship.

The “We’ll take anything” janitorial company:

Consider a scenario where you’re building a new house and have two contractor options. The first is a custom home builder specializing in five or six new homes annually. The second is a local handyman who has built a home or two and handles a wide range of tasks. Unless your sole goal is to cut costs without regard to quality, you would likely choose the first option because of the specialist’s confidence in the outcome.

Similarly, certain cleaning companies specialize in specific types of work. If a janitorial contractor is willing to “do anything,” they might not be an ideal choice for cleaning your facility. Some companies focus on small accounts, others specialize in project work like floor care or carpet cleaning, and some cater to mid to large commercial facilities. Choosing the right company for your needs is crucial to avoid a hasty breakup.

The Significance of “Fit”

Selecting the right janitorial contractor is all about fit. Is the company suitable for your needs? Do they service facilities like yours? Do they have local management capable of promptly addressing your needs? Do they specialize in the service type you require? When you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’ve found a qualified bidder for your facility service needs.

Taking the time to choose the right fit ensures a harmonious and successful long-term partnership.

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