About us

Original owners, John and Dana TenElshof, established West Michigan Janitorial as an up-and-coming janitorial service in 1969. Over a span of 50 years the couple was able to expand their company over a large part of the West Michigan area. Creating a strong, structured company with well-organized employees is just one of the components they have achieved. John was able to reach out to businesses and make long-lasting relationships; with an open and honest approach. WMJ was designed as being a personal, friendly business, and it is still achieving this to this day.

In 2018, Greg Brouwer joined the team and purchased the business from John and Dana so they could enjoy their hard-earned retirement. Greg has brought to WMJ a strong background in the cleaning and restoration industry, a love for operating and management structures, and a passion for caring for the people this business impacts. Since 1969, this evolving janitorial service has shown its clients that it fully understands and portrays what a successful, growing business looks like.

Exceeding clients’ expectations
for over 50 years.

  • Basic Information

    Established in 1969, we are a fully licensed and insured contract janitorial services firm providing services throughout Michigan.

  • Business Profile

    400+ workers across Michigan. Nearly 150 facilities throughout the state. 40+ years in the cleaning industry.

  • Client Centered Approach to Business

    At WMJ every client is treated like a part of our family. And like any family, we support one another.

  • Our Management

    WMJ’s management team possesses over 200 years of experience in management and building services.

  • Our Cleaning Staff

    Our cleaning staff is some of the best in the industry. Thoroughly screened and expertly trained before they can even enter a client’s building.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Our core business is keeping your facilities clean and in the best shape for smooth operations.

Client Testimonials

We enjoy working with our clients, and they enjoy working with us:

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