Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

One thing clients first notice when they walk into your property is the floor. To leave a positive impression, you must adequately clean your commercial floor. Clean floors are welcoming and send the right message: that you care. If you’ve been looking for reliable floor cleaning services, then look no further.

West Michigan Janitorial has over 50 years of experience in floor cleaning for all types of commercial facilities. Our goal as a company is to provide consistent and affordable janitorial services to all commercial and municipal properties. Whether that’s an office building, school, retail shop, or a municipal building, you can rest assured we’ll get the job done efficiently, and you’ll end up with pristine floors.


Hard Floors

We specialize in cleaning all types of hard flooring, such as stone, concrete, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, and much more. Different types of surfaces require particular products, equipment, and cleaning methods to ensure they’re as clean as possible and prevent damage. Additionally, we strip and wax floors. With our vast amount of experience in the industry, we’ll successfully deliver high-quality results.

Carpet Cleaning

Besides looking unsightly, dirty carpets trap allergens, bacteria, and germs. Extend your carpets’ lifespan and improve your facilities’ overall appearance by getting a professional carpet cleaning service. We efficiently remove stains and odors and enhance the look of your carpets. Let us make the carpet cleaning process more comfortable for you. With our years of experience, you’ll maintain the professional look of your business.

To learn more about our floor cleaning services, contact us today at (616) 647-0552.

Your floor accumulates more dirt than any other surface. It's crucial to have a cleaning service that is thorough and efficient. We offer the floor care you need and works best for you.


We have a team of professionally trained for you

Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning programs to meet any client's needs.

Cleaning Services

We offer flexible staffing on any shift with 24/7 management availability.

Hard Floor
Care Services

We offer a variety of hard floor care services to meet our clients' demands.
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