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Windows appear to be delicate, and they certainly are when it comes to maintenance. Windows are in frequent use and prone to get dirty by dust, smudges, stains, grime, and so on. All of these imperfections are visible. With the constant wear, window cleaning is a must to not only maintain them but your business’ impeccable presentation as well.

When you keep up with window cleaning, your windows will look neat and professional, and so will your organization. Moreover, your windows get protection against all the damage associated with dirt, such as discoloration and scratches.

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Your Benefits Amplified With Our Services

Window cleaning on its own is indispensable for your windows, but a professional window cleaning service does even more. At West Michigan Janitorial, we clean both interior and exterior windows, increasing the benefits.

Hiring a reputable service like ours will get the best results and prevent damage from not cleaning your windows and using improper techniques or products. It also ensures clean windows and hard-to-reach areas like sills, edges, and trims without missing a spot.

Trust West Michigan Janitorial

We know the in and out of window cleaning and janitorial services from years of experience. All of that expertise is put into every job, making our window cleaning services consistent. For your utmost convenience, we also maintain reasonable prices for our quality labor.

We have grown a lot in our 50+ years of experience, servicing commercial and state clients in Kent, Ottawa, and Newaygo counties. Still, we are a dependable choice for janitorial and window cleaning services with a friendly and reliable staff that preserves that personal touch that sets us apart.

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Your floor accumulates more dirt than any other surface. It's crucial to have a cleaning service that is thorough and efficient. We offer the floor care you need and works best for you.


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