Has Your Cleaning Company Quit You?

Have you been struggling with subpar cleaning services? There could be various reasons why your cleaning company isn’t meeting your expectations – they may have underbid the job, changed ownership, or prioritized other clients. How do you know if your janitorial company has lost interest in your business? Keep an eye out for these five signs that could indicate trouble ahead:

1. Increased complaints from your staff
When you hire a cleaning crew, you expect them to make your job easier. While minor issues may arise that require a call or email, you shouldn’t be bothered by mundane cleaning problems. If you start to hear comments like “We keep running out of toilet paper in the women’s restroom” or “My office hasn’t been dusted in months,” it could be a sign that your cleaning company is no longer dedicated to your account.

2. Your contractor is communicating less
When the contract began, management was always present, but now their presence is scarce. Take a moment to think: when was the last time you received proactive communication from your cleaning services provider?

3. They are slow to respond to any issues
Mistakes can happen, even with the best of intentions. However, it’s reasonable to expect a swift response when you inform your contractor about three overflowing trash cans that were missed. If you encounter a delay in phone or email correspondence, it may indicate that your contractor is overburdened or no longer invested in your account.

4. Their equipment is either worn out or damaged
Are you noticing worn out or broken equipment used by your cleaning crew? Is the vacuum cleaner cord being held together by electrical tape? These are telltale signs that your contractor isn’t prioritizing your account and may need replacing.

5. You notice new faces on the crew all the time
It’s no secret that the cleaning services industry has an alarmingly high turnover rate – nearly 200%! While some degree of turnover is expected, if you notice that the cleaning staff in your facility are constantly changing, this might indicate a larger issue with the janitorial contract or their management. Be especially cautious if the entire crew changes without your knowledge, as this could be a red flag.

6. Frequent Changes in Primary Contact
One of the biggest red flags of a problematic cleaning services company is the constant turnover of their manager-level staff. If your main point of contact is frequently changing, it could be a sign of trouble on the horizon. High turnover rates in these roles suggest that the culture of your janitorial contractor is potentially unhealthy.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, here’s a plan of action:

1. Schedule a meeting with the vendor to discuss the issues at hand
Give specific reasons for your concerns. The turnover of the cleaning team seems high. The response time to problems has slowed significantly.

2. Be clear on your expectations
The service expectations were possibly not thoroughly discussed at the beginning of the agreement. It could be that your vendor is unaware of what is important to you. Allow them sufficient time to address any issues before deciding.

3. Be prepared to make a change
It is common for janitorial contracts to include a 30-day out clause to address service deficiencies. If you don’t see significant improvement, it may be time to consider searching for a new vendor.

Step 4: Prepare an RFP
Once you’ve informed your vendor of the issue, it’s time to draft a Request for Proposal (RFP). In the event that the vendor does not improve their service, you’ll be prepared to begin the process of selecting a new one. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll already have a draft RFP in place for when your current contract ends.

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